It’s all about people – working together to help people live their best lives

A place for our Lincolnshire health and wellbeing workforce to reflect, learn and share how together we support people to live their best life.

Imagine a world where the people you support are able to have more choice and control over their health and wellbeing, where they weren't seen as a condition or on a pathway but as people with different experiences. Where they are able to make a shared and informed decision about the next steps with a professional who sees them as an equal and active partner in their life and care.

Imagine if people who you support had the knowledge, confidence and skills to be able to look after their own health, which was tailored to them and their level of literacy and understanding.

Imagine that they only have to tell their story once and the focus of that conversation is about what matters to them and what's important and not what's the matter and what's wrong.

Imagine if we had a space where we could start to share, learn and reflect how far we’ve already come in making our vision real for the people we support. Well we have!

‘It’s all about people’ is a place where we will be sharing all your stories, experiences and learning, where we want you to get involved and hear your voice about what matters to you and the people you support to enable us all to live our best lives.

Please explore the website to find out what other health and care teams across Lincolnshire are doing to embed person centred approaches into their work. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please contact us.

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