Person Centred Learning Network

Person Centred Learning Network


Join us if you have a professional intertest in person-centred care and support and a desire to keep learning

The Lincolnshire Person-Centred Learning Network offers monthly online reflective sessions for 1 hour via MS Teams.

Colleagues are invited to join the network if you have a professional interest in person-centred care or support and you have a desire to keep learning. 

Here are a series of links to the webinars facilitated by our friends at Every-One. All of the sessions are 12 noon to 1pm and are 'lunch friendly' so please feel free to bring your brew and butties! To find out more about Every-one click here.

Each session will be a place to:

  • Refresh learning on a personalisation tool/model/concept
  • Reflect on practice and use of person-centred approaches
  • Share the good stuff and hear each other's experiences
  • Support each other through ideas, tips and insights

If you work in Lincolnshire and are passionate about person centred working, contact us at

All of the Person Centred Learning Network dates are available in the Learning and Development events. Simply click 'register' and you'll be able to download a calendar invite with the joining link.

We will see you soon!

Sessions are not recorded due to their interactive and reflective nature.

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