Co-production (Team) Award

Highly Commended 

Lincolnshire Community Mental Health and Wellbeing Transformation Programme. The group represents true co-production in action. They are embedded throughout all programme workstream areas, ensuring that people with lived experience have an integrated “seat at the table”.  They are part of the full process from early visioning to supporting specific developments.

One example of a particularly successful piece of work that they have devised, developed and produced is the ‘I Statement’ videos. These were initially to be used to emphasise that each person/patient is an individual and recognise what is important to them. Members of the group who wanted to be involved wrote them from their own perspective, and then recorded their own short video sharing and explaining their ‘I Statement’. These were shared at board level and have been so well received and successful that they have cascaded throughout and beyond the system. 

The impact has been vast and resulted in real change to services, delivery and how we listen to experts in their own experience which is fundamental to the transformation work. The programme also recognises the importance of continuing to evolve the Network further, enhancing system cohesion and inclusivity.

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