Embracing Change (Individual)

Helen Beesley has been a cardiac nurse for over 13 years and has always done things a certain way. Recently, she has been on a personalisation journey and is now a true convert! Helen has embraced the change in her practice and is a fantastic ambassador for person centred working, motivational interviewing, health coaching and the use of PAM.

Helen has told the PAM working group how she used to go in with her list of what she wanted to talk to her cardiac patients about and would not deviate from it. Using her new approaches, and in particular the PAM tool, Helen has embraced a new approach which is particularly impressive because Helen previously admitted that she was resistant to change and didn't like it. But, by focussing on what's important to the person that she is working with and meeting them where they are at she now sees big improvements in outcomes and has shared this with colleagues in order to motivate and inspire them to follow her lead.

Well done Helen, thank you and congratulations!

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