Co-production (Team) Award

The Living with Cancer Team (LWC) has placed co-production right at the heart of their programme. As long ago as 2016, co-production was included in the outcomes framework when they committed to 'ensure the programme is co-designed with patients, the public and stakeholders'. Since then, two LWC Co-Production Groups have been established*. In 2019, the Macmillan LWC Co-production Group was established in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer support and Every-one. This group continues to meet monthly in Sleaford and has worked with the ICB, ULHT and LPFT to co-produce elements of the LWC Programme. In 2021, the Mablethorpe Co-Production Group was set up and this also continues to meet on a monthly basis. In the future, they want to train up more Co-Production Facilitators and set up new local groups who will have a real insight into challenges for people living with cancer in different communities.

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