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“The introduction of personalised care requires significant workforce development and strong leadership aligned with the values underpinning personalised care.”


In order to achieve this the personalisation team are working hard to influence leaders, workforce, volunteers and people by giving them the tools and permission they need to do things differently and encourage them to take part in learning and development opportunities.  We are changing culture of Lincolnshire’s people by:

  • introducing It’s All About People Champions who will promote personalisation and strengths-based approaches in Lincolnshire as well as act as advocates for personalisation and support peers.   
  • employing a dedicated workforce development lead within the personalisation programme.  Part of their role has been establishing what is working well across the Lincolnshire health and care system already and then start to build on this further.  Contact has been made with colleagues across the system to find out what workforce development already takes place around personalisation, this will then be analysed and we will look where the gaps are and where we need to widen our offer.  
  • working closely with colleagues in Adult Social Care and Community Wellbeing we have supported the delivery of Strengths Based Approach training to people within the hospital discharge team in a really joined up and personalised way.  We are looking forward to developing this further.
  • being involved with the Personalised Care Role Society within Primary Care and supporting people who are working differently in newer roles such as care co-ordinators, health and wellbeing coaches and social prescribers.  Working with the Primary Care Training Hub we get together every quarter to provide information, advice and support as well as providing time to network and learn from one another.  
  • offering a variety of different courses and sessions available from; 30 minute e-learning modules to half day interactive sessions delivered by local practitioners, lunchtime conversations with peers and full day inspirational training sessions (which might even include puppets).  Whatever your interest there is something here for you. 

Please here to find out more about what is going on in your area News :: Lincolnshire STP

If you want something more specific or bespoke then that may be arranged or if you want support or advice on how to change the culture in your area of work then please email to start this conversation.

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