IAAP Awards

Recognising good work is key to us. We want to tell your stories so that Our Shared Agreement and personalised and strengths-based approaches are simply 'the way we do things around here'. 

The It's All About People Awards aim to spotlight those people who do just that! 

See our previous winners below - and please consider nominating an individual or team you know in the future. 

It's All About People Awards 2023

The It's All About People Awards - how it works

The It's All About People Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in personalised care and strengths-based approaches throughout Lincolnshire.   

What does excellence look like?

You may know co-production champions who work closely with people with lived experience to shape and improve their services. Or you'll be aware of teams or individuals who actively embed the Our Shared Agreement Five Foundations in everything they do.  Or maybe there's someone you know who absolutely lives and breathes personalisation and strengths-based practice - someone who's always exploring new ways of working to meet the needs of the people they work with and support?

Who could I nominate?

You could nominate a team, and individual members of the workforce, paid or unpaid, or people with lived experience who help to embed personalisation across the health, care and community sectors. 

Here are some more ideas of the kind of thing to look out for: 

  • The active driving forward and embedding co-production approaches. 

  • Working to support people to make more informed choices through shared decision-making. 

  • The creative use of personal health budgets/ direct payments 

  • Being prepared to do things differently (Our Shared Agreement Foundation 1)  

  • Working with people to create their own Personalised Care and Support Plan to understand what matters to people (Foundation 2)  

  • Connecting people to support in the wider community, working together for the wellbeing of everyone (Foundation 3

  • Having conversations with people and not about them, m​​​​oving from a ‘what’s wrong?’ to a ‘what’s strong?’ conversation with the people you support (Foundation 4

  • Making the most of what is available within the wider health and care community (Foundation 5

The Award nominations we receive are judged by the It’s All About People Conference Steering Group, a multi-agency partnership including people with lived experience. 

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