Electronic Care Plans

Electronic Care Plans, available to view online using the Care Portal, provide a single, up-to-date summary of a patient’s needs for health and adult social care professionals to review, update, share and action.

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The online Care Plans have replaced paper based systems and offer a number of benefits:

  • one up-to-date record of a patient’s needs for all professionals to read and contribute to.
  • a clear audit trail showing who has updated and viewed the patient’s Care Plan as well as the option to compare current and previous Care Plans by date.
  • safe and effective storage reducing the risk of paper records being lost.
  • clarity and ease of use, removing the need to decipher other people’s handwriting, avoiding confusion, errors and saving time.

Four different Care Plans are now available on the Care Portal including:

  • Discharge Care Plan.
  • Moving and Handling Care Plan.
  • My Stroke Progress Care Plan.
  • What Matters to Me Plan.

Further Care Plans will be added as the system develops.

Annette Harding, Health and Wellbeing Coach, talks about the benefits of using the Care Portal for What Matters to Me Plan

Since June 2021, around 330 Care Plans are now live and have been viewed and updated 885 times by health and social care professionals.

Staff feedback and involvement has bene key to shaping the introduction of the new online Care Plans. Anecdotal feedback shows that staff value having one document to review with colleagues and that it has supported better working with Adult Social Care colleagues at Lincolnshire County Council.

Training support for staff

To help colleagues feel confident using the new online Care Plan portal, a range of materials are available including e-learning.

The e-learning training modules are available within the Care Portal system – please check for details under the Help menu.

Two training modules are available:

  • How to use the Care Portal.
  • How to use Care Planning within the Care Portal.

You can find the e-learning on the Care Portal using this link:


Further information

To find out more about the online Care Plans, please contact anthony.gorman@nhs.net.

For a live demonstration of the Care Plans and Care Portal, please email lccg.stpdigital@nhs.net.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Feedback from staff using the Care Portal has been compiled into a series of FAQs listed below:

The Care Portal training guide includes information about how to:

  • view and compare patient Care Plans.
  • make a Care Plan ‘active’ tor all health professionals to be able to view the document and unlock a document.
  • View, Save and Print a Care Plan.

Link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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