Embracing Change (Team) Award 

Highly Commended 

BRIC Support Coordinators have embraced a transformational change to the way they work since the organisation formed in 2016. Although changing the way 'we have always done things' can be hard, the team has never faltered and taken active roles in reviewing and changing the 'old' framework to ensure that everything they do, going forward, comes from a person-centred, strengths-based approach. The change to the way of working has required many discussions, meetings, training and peer-to-peer support sessions with the whole team being fully supportive, every step of the way. Ensuring they were ready for the change required commitment on top of the team's already busy workload, supporting families with often complex needs. Not only has the team of Support Coordinators accepted the challenge of change, they have taken key roles in developing their own understanding and supporting all members of the wider BRIC team to ensure families' voices are heard, thereby enabling resilience based on what is important to them.

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