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On this page you will find links and information regarding ways to further learn and develop your skills through a variety of courses and training sessions.   

We will update this page frequently, please check back to see what's new and available.

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshop 1 - I’m Here to Make you Better!  
27th June 2022 - from 12 noon to 1pm
“We are all here to solve people’s problems and make them better…..or are we
?”   This workshop will explore what shapes and builds our strength-based practices, what our role is in ‘making people better’ and how what we say, and think, can effectively support people to meet their goals.  Instead of choosing the 'service-land' approach, which can undermine resilience, strengths, and existing support networks.

Virtual Workshop 2 - All Very Nice but Can you Prove it?      
19th July 2022  -  1pm - 2pm
Many of us know that considering better ways of working is difficult, especially when supporting people in achievingwhat matters to them’.   This workshop will showcase some of the work completed to consider how we can move from a process, criteria, transactional system of delivering local services, to one rooted in what is important to the individual and their loved ones.  We will present both the personal benefits of working differently and the financial system cost savings as we make the shift to more personalised and proactive ways of working.

Virtual Workshop 3 - It’s Your Job to Fix Me Isn’t It?  
14th September 2022  -  10am - 11am
This workshop will cover the importance of self-care, self-management and what really matters to you by exploring some quality coaching conversations.  You can take part in fun, safe activities where we will delve into the different tools and techniques used and equip you with your own personalised “fix me” tool kit. 

Virtual Workshop 4 - Technology Doesn’t Care!     
4th October 2022  -  10:30am - 11:30am
Technology has enormous potential to make health and care services much more efficient.  But how can we ensure that we use it in a way that personalises services, and really have a positive effect on people’s lives?  This workshop will demonstrate how technology tools and self-care can work hand in hand.

Virtual Workshop 5 - I Want a Life Not a Service   
17th November 2022 - 10am – 11am
Social Prescribing and community-based support are vital components of the NHS England Comprehensive Model of Personalised Care.   In this workshop we will explore the value of community-based support and consider what it means for each of us, both personally and professionally.

If you’d like to book onto any of these workshops, please email leccg.stp@nhs.net with your name, job title, organisation and which workshop you would like to attend.

Personalised Care Institute - Free eLearning

The Personalised Care Institute offers free e-learning modules for all health and care professionals, regardless of profession or seniority.

Choose from a range of personalised care topics, such as Core Skills, Shared Decision Making, Personalised Care and Support Planning, and Personalised Care and Support Planning – Maternity.    

Visit the Personalised Care Institute website to find out more.

Motivational Interviewing

If you spend your life explaining what your service users should, could, must or need to do then this is the course for you. Motivational interviewing is a style of communication that uses a guiding/reflective style to engage with people, clarify their strengths and aspirations, and utilise their own motivations for change, and promote independence of decision making.

More information can be found here

Who is the training aimed at?
Patient/client facing staff in health, social care or third/voluntary sector who work in Lincolnshire.

How long is the course?   
One day, from 9am to 4pm

Wednesday 22nd June 2022   (now fully booked)
Friday 30th September 2022  (9am-4pm)
Wednesday 19th October 2022 (9am-4pm)
Friday 2nd December 2022   (9am-4pm)

Is this course funded?   

How do I book onto it?
To register your interest, please email leccg.stp@nhs.net  with name and date of the training,  your job title and organisation that you work for.  Please note that places are limited.

Coaching for Health and Wellbeing

Coaching for health and wellbeing is the use of skilful conversation to actively engage people in health behaviour change. It’s about focussing on strengths, solutions and accountability. 

Who is the training aimed at?
Patient/client facing staff in health, social care or third/voluntary sector who work in Lincolnshire

How long is the course?
2 x full days delivered virtually

When is the course?
Cohort 13 - 14th & 20th July 2022*   (*now fully booked)
Cohort 14 - 13th & 20th September 2022

Is this course funded?

How do I book onto it?
To register your interest, please email leccg.stp@nhs.net with name and date of the training you wish to be booked onto, your job title and organisation that you work for.  Please note that places are limited  For more information, please see the attached flyer.

For more information on Coaching for Health and Wellbeing in general, please click here.

Personalised Care Support Planning

What will the programme cover?
•    Grounding in Personalisation approaches in health and care based on the Helen Sanderson Associates models
•    What is important to and for someone
•    The importance of knowing what matters to people
•    Lincolnshire Initial Conversation Model
•    One Page Profiles
•    Personalised Care and Support Plans
•    Shared Decision Making
•    Message in a Bottle

Who is the training aimed at?
Patient/client facing staff in health or third/voluntary sector who work in Lincolnshire.

How long is the course?
The course is broken up into 4 x 2 hour input sessions and 4 x 1.5 hour reflective discussions over a number of weeks.


Cohort 8: Tuesday mornings (2hrs)
27th September 2022
4th October 2022
18th October 2022
1st November 2022
8th November 2022
15th November 2022
22nd November 2022
29th November 2022

Cohort 9: Tuesday afternoons (2hrs)
6th December 2022 
13th December 2022
3rd January 2023
10th January 2022
17th January 2023
24th January 2022
31st January 2023
7th February 2022

Is this course funded?

How do I book onto it?
To register your interest, please email leccg.stp@nhs.net with name and date of the training you wish to be booked onto, your job title and the organisation that you work for.   Please note that places are limited

Handling Difficult Situations with Compassion Training

"Supporting NHS colleagues to handle difficult situations with compassion” is a newly developed training course that has been commissioned in response to a high number of requests from our NHS people who have shared that they are seeking support in how to handle difficult situations, particularly when patients present in a challenging or distressed manner.

The training is designed to upskill colleagues with appropriate techniques and skills that will support them in handling difficult situations with compassion, whilst highlighting the importance of looking after your own health and wellbeing at this critical time.

Who is the training aimed at?
Whilst we recognise that many NHS staff would benefit from this training, this programme is being delivered as a pilot in the first instance and therefore there are limited spaces available. Because of this, we would like to primarily target colleagues in patient facing, frontline roles in particular those in non clinical roles who are often the first point of contact for patients. We have chosen this cohort of staff as many non clinical colleagues do not have access to this type of training and therefore are best placed to participate in the pilot.

How do I book onto it?
To view the available dates in your region, please click here.

Lincolnshire Training Hub for Primary Care

Lincolnshire Training Hub was formed following an initiative from Health Education England to assist with workforce transformation.  Their role is to meet the educational needs of the multi-disciplinary primary care teams and bring together NHS organisations, community providers and local authorities.

For further details of courses and to apply for a place, please visit their website here.

Lincolnshire Recovery College

The Lincolnshire Recovery College provides an educational approach towards mental health, recovery and wellbeing. They recognise the importance of lived experience in inspiring hope and offering practical tips to help people live well. The courses are free to staff and the public.

Access more information on the courses available and timetable here.

Workforce Development

We recognise that for our workforce in Lincolnshire to move to a person-centred way of working where they ask people what’s important to them and try and understand what matters there needs to be a behavioural shift. Support and investment in workforce development is necessary for this to happen.

To read more about Workforce Development, please click here.

Other free training resources

UCL Partners has launched a suite of new communication skills training films aimed at healthcare assistants, healthcare support workers and those in similar roles. The films focus on health coaching and motivational interviewing techniques that can be used when speaking to patients and during conversations about blood pressure, COPD and diabetes.

Please find below, a link to newly released workforce training for the PRosPer programme, which provides e-learning on supporting people with cancer in personalised care and support planning, prehabilitation and rehabilitation. It also covers managing the consequences of cancer and its treatment, workforce development and service redesign.


Macmillan Cancer Support offers a comprehensive suite of personalised care e-learning and workshops on - LearnZone - Learning from Macmillan Cancer Support: Login to the site


Contact us to discuss training needs/opportunities

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