Individual Recovery Outcomes Counter (IROC)

IROC was introduced to the community rehab team at LPFT in the summer of 2021.

In the video below, members of the team talk about the impact it has had on the patients they support.

The team received positive anecdotal feedback by patients and staff alike that they arranged formal training for the community rehab team and introduced to the wider rehab inpatient service, replacing the outcome measure the ‘Recovery Star’.

They have now trained nearly 90% of staff across rehab and have 15 ‘train the trainers’ across rehab but also including the two trainers (Alex and Liana at L&D). The team have developed a training package, in conjunction with Penumbra and L&D staff (3 hours), and are drawing up a strategy around training new staff and using supervision to ensure both best practice and that the IROC remains embedded within the service.

At Maple Lodge (open rehab) it has been incorporated into CPA paperwork and groups as it has been so well received; it provides structure to really map out a patient’s journey.

Work to embed into RiO is underway.

The team are looking to further evaluate the tool with Penumbra and to publish.

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