Creating 500 Peer Leaders by 2024

Peer Leadership Development Programme

The Personalised Care Group at NHS England and Improvement has developed an exciting and innovative online personal development programme called the Peer Leadership Development Programme.

The aim of the programme is:

  • To tell people what personalised care is and how people in England can benefit
  • To develop new Peer Leaders. Peer Leaders are people with lived experience who are committed to working collaboratively with the NHS to shape and influence how health and care is delivered.

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Who is the programme for?

It is mainly aimed at people with long-term health conditions and disabilities who could benefit from personalised care, but it is also suitable for people working in the health, care and voluntary sectors.

What you can expect on the Peer Leadership Development Programme:

The course is delivered in bite-size chunks using language that is easy to understand. It also includes videos with sub-titles and transcripts. There are plenty of opportunities to discuss your thoughts and experiences with other learners and to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on what you’ve heard. You’ll also hear from people who’ve experienced the benefit of personalised care and inspiring stories from Peer Leaders who are actively influencing how personalised care is developed and delivered.

Fun and interactive learning:

The programme is free and runs continuously so you can join at any time. It’s delivered online in partnership with an accessible learning platform called Future Learn. It means you can learn from the comfort of your own home!

E-mail for a course booklet or join Step One today by following this link Peer Leadership Development Programme.

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