"What Matters To You?"

The "What Matters To You?" campaign is about listening and hopefully understanding what matters to a person within the larger context of their life. 

Who is this campaign aimed at?     

What is it about?    
This is a global movement with the simple goal of encouraging meaningful conversations between patients, caregivers, families and their health and social care providers.  It’s evidenced that “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”  One of the main aims of ‘What matters to you?’ is to help us develop greater intent to simply listen, to listen deeply and to understand. ‘What matters to you?’ is an opportunity to stop and think a little more about how we are listening, who we are listening too and what we are doing as a result.

Why should we care?    
Providing person-centered care is important because it results in better outcomes for people and greater satisfaction with care. Asking “What Matters to You?” supports this by putting the person’s voice at the centre of care, by focusing on what matters to them.

What difference does it make?    
Staff and caregivers at diverse organizations across multiple roles have shared that “asking,” “listening,” and “doing” what matters empowers them to address what is most important to the people they care for, making their work more meaningful.  While burnout can adversely impact both provider satisfaction at work and job tenure, growing evidence supports that feeling your work has “purpose,” protects against burnout and is associated with more “joy in work.”

How do I get involved?

You can download the 'What Matters To You?' posters below, add your individual or team's details and make a display in your workspace for everyone to see.  

Once you have created a teams display, take a picture and upload to social media using the #WMTY23 and #ItsAllAboutPeople so we can see who is getting involved and changing the conversations.

The aim of these posters is to help you and your colleagues get to know each other a little more, along with the people you support and care for.  We hope this stimulates conversations between people to really share what matters and listen to what is important to them.

Visit whatmatterstoyou.scot to find out how you can get involved in this valuable movement.

Case Studies

Below is a series of videos of people talking about the value of having a "what matters to you" conversation.

Listen to what mattered to Louise from Skegness when her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Mary from St Barnabas tells us why she believes  passionately in asking people what matters to them.

Liz Reader, Practice Care Co-ordinator, tells us why she asks people she supports what matters to them.

Listen to what mattered to Cath Koutna from Lincoln when she had chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Hear how being supported by the NHS mattered to John.

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