"What Matters To You" campaign

Asking “what matters to you?“ can make a real difference to health and care.

Asking “What matters to you?” is about listening and hopefully understanding what matters to a patient within the larger context of their life.  When patients are engaged with their health care decisions, it can greatly improve their outcomes.

Visit www.whatmatterstoyou.scot to find out how you can get involved in this valuable campaign.

Case Studies

We have produced a series of videos of people talking about the value of having a "what matters to you" conversation.

Listen to what mattered to Louise from Skegness when her husband was diagnosed with cancer.

Mary from St Barnabas tells us why she believes  passionately in asking people what matters to them.

Liz Reader, Practice Care Co-ordinator, tells us why she asks people she supports what matters to them.

Listen to what mattered to Cath Koutna from Lincoln when she had chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Hear how being supported by the NHS mattered to John.

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