Coaching for health and wellbeing

Coaching for health and wellbeing is the use of skilful conversation to actively engage people in health behaviour change. It’s about focussing on strengths, solutions and accountability. 

In Lincolnshire we have come together as a system to fund training for 220 practitioners from health and social care in 2021/22, looking at the techniques for talking about health and wellbeing. In addition, ten practitioners who complete the training will also complete a further accredited programme.

Coaching for health and wellbeing helps practitioners support people to understand how they can proactively care for themselves and manage their own health and wellbeing. Practitioners will be given practical tools to help with the emotionally challenging aspects of their role.

Many who have completed the programme and use this coaching approach report an increase in job satisfaction.

The programme consists of four half-day sessions, which are delivered online and a half day refresher session, to support embedding of learning.

The programme is being delivered by TPC Health who are accredited by the Personalised Care Institute (PCI).

Achievements to date

Since June 2021, 180 practitioners have already undergone the Coaching for Health and Wellbeing Programme.

In the video below, Hayley Bullard, LCHS Respiratory Nurse, talks about the impact that the Coaching for Health and Wellbeing Programme had on her.

In the video below, Helen Kennedy, Neighbourhood Co-ordinator Skegness & Coast, talks about what she thought of the Coaching for Health and Wellbeing Programme.

In the video below, Deborah Yarwood, Carers First, talks about the impact that the Coaching for Health and Wellbeing Programme had on her and a carer she was supporting.

"I have to say I have used the model at work, and at home on my 9-year-old. It's amazing to see just how much people really do know, deep down, what they want, and that they usually have the answers themselves, if allowed to mentally stop, breathe, and think about it in a supportive environment."

"I think mostly I have learnt to not go in my professional predisposition of trying to fix their problems, or what I professionally perceive as their problems. I have learnt to be quite, or the "silent witness" as call it (which for me is very hard)."

"The course is really good, informative and they do try to really engage staff. Main issues would be, as ever, all of us feeling pressured in the background with workloads, but it was really nice to form some working relationships with other professionals, and step back and have something for myself for a few hours a week for 4 weeks."

Faye Wickenden         
Practice Care Co-ordinator (PCC - RGN) for Long Sutton & Sutton Bridge Surgeries 

Want to know more?

If would like to find out more about Coaching for Health and Wellbeing for you or your team please contact:

Project Manager for Personalisation (ICS) –

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