Workforce development

We recognise that for our workforce in Lincolnshire to move to a person-centred way of working where they ask people what’s important to them and try and understand what matters there needs to be a behavioural shift. Support and investment in workforce development is necessary for this to happen.

Approaches and techniques such as Health Coaching, motivational interviewing, I.ROC, personalised care and support planning, shared decision making, strength based approaches, self-management and co-production are integral to move to a person centred way of working.

The Personalised Care Institute (PCI) is changing the lives of patients by helping to empower them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to feel more in control of their mental and physical health.

They do this by educating and inspiring health and care professionals to deliver universal personalised care that takes into account an individual’s strengths, needs and expectations, in order to deliver the right care for them.


The Personalised Care Institute offers free e-learning modules on; Core Skills, Shared Decision Making, Personalised Care and Support Planning, and Personalised Care and Support Planning - Maternity

Lincolnshire Training Hub for Primary Care

Our role is to meet the educational needs of the multidisciplinary primary care team, and bring together NHS organisations, community providers and local authorities. The face of primary care is changing, and LTH is committed to supporting the workforce, recruitment, retention and developmental needs of practices.

We provide courses and information to support Doctors, Nurses, AHPs and other members of the primary healthcare team. We also facilitate student placements for school children, undergraduate students and post graduate learners.

Please click here for further information.

Other free training resources

UCL Partners has launched a suite of new communication skills training films aimed at healthcare assistants, healthcare support workers and those in similar roles. The films focus on health coaching and motivational interviewing techniques that can be used when speaking to patients and during conversations about blood pressure, COPD and diabetes.

Please find below, a link to newly released workforce training for the PRosPer programme, which provides e-learning on supporting people with cancer in personalised care and support planning, prehabilitation and rehabilitation. It also covers managing the consequences of cancer and its treatment, workforce development and service redesign.

Macmillan Cancer Support offers a comprehensive suite of personalised care e-learning and workshops on - LearnZone - Learning from Macmillan Cancer Support: Login to the site

Learning and Development

For more details on learning and development or information regarding ways to further learn and develop your skills through a variety of courses and training sessions, click here.

Contact us to discuss training needs/opportunities

Emma Townend

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